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Article Highlight: When Did Heraldry Start

You may have found your family crest or coat of arms as part of your family history research. Heraldry is often defined as the adoption and use of coats of arms by families, but it also involves the design and… Keep reading »

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Definition of genealogy

LoveToKnow Genealogy is your source for information on general genealogy topics, as well as detailed tips and ideas for conducting genealogical research. If you've been holding off on starting a genealogy project because you didn't know where to begin, you've come to the right place.

Starting Your Family Research

The About Genealogy category can put you on the path to self discovery as you begin tracing your roots. You'll find useful information on a wide variety of subjects in articles and slideshows.

Genealogy Basics

Get acquainted with different terms used in genealogy, learn how to determine the age of photos, and get ideas for creating a your family tree. You can also find out how to publish a family history book to share with your relatives.

The Art of Heraldry

Learn about the roots of heraldry and some of its most popular symbols. In addition, learn where to find your family crest, or how to create a coat of arms.

Family Names

It's fascinating to learn about the origins and meanings of different family surnames. You can even learn how to trace your family name.

Famous Family Trees

Historical or current, it's always interesting to take a look at the family trees of famous people like the royal Tudors, the Olympian Gods, and US presidents like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

A Wealth of Genealogical Information to Explore

Researching your genealogy can turn into a major project, but the resources you find in this category can help you get the job done. All the work involved in tracing your family history can seem a little overwhelming, so just plan to start small and watch your project grow into a resource your entire family can be proud of.

About Genealogy