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Having the right genealogy forms and tools can make your genealogy research and projects easier and more enjoyable. Knowing where to find them and what features to look for can also save you time and money. This site has a wealth of forms and other resources you just might find to be invaluable.

Gathering Research

When you start researching your family history, you will begin gathering a significant amount of information, some of which serves your immediate purposes but much you may need to access and reference at a later date. You'll need a system to keep track of the wealth of historical data you uncover.

  • Using genealogy forms is a great way to record your information as you make your discoveries via records research.
  • You will probably want to interview members of your family to get their insights. Record what you learn using these oral history forms.

Organizing Your Family History

As you gather and record information, you'll need a way to organize it appropriately. Get started with a family tree worksheet as you begin to map out your ancestral lineage.

  • Use these printable pedigree charts to make it a bit easier to unravel the connections necessary to determine exact family relationships among your ancestors.
  • There are numerous options for designing family trees. You can draw your family tree or use a printable family tree template to compile your findings and then share with family members.
  • If you prefer a digital system or plan to add to your research over time, family tree software may be a better way for you to record, store, organize, and print your findings.
  • As your family history starts to unfold, consider using a genogram to record specific details about family relationships beyond who is related to whom and how. These easy-to-use templates can help you get started.

Finishing Touches

As you prepare to share what you discover through your genealogy research with other people, you may want to add decorative touches and embellishments to make it as visually appealing as it is historically significant. Get started by using this free family tree clip art to decorate your family tree chart or scrapbook.

Family Project

Whether you do genealogy research on your own or if this is a project that you are tackling with your kids, siblings, or other family members, the tools and resources available to you here for no cost can help you gather, organize, and present your information in an effective and efficient manner.

Genealogy Forms and Tools