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Genealogy can be hard to understand for both novice and expert diggers alike. Not only does it take a lot of research to dig into the past, but sometimes you don't know where to start especially if you are a visual learner. Using articles with images and slideshows can help give you a starting point and improve your understanding of symbols and crests.

Understanding Genealogy

The key to genealogy is understanding family relationships. This can be easy if you're just going back one generation but as you go back hundreds of years, it can be a lot harder. Sometimes it is easier to understand a concept if you see a picture. And the further you go back, you might not just be dealing with just surnames but heraldry as well.

Understanding Crests and Symbols

Many family's origins have a symbol or crest that defines them. These symbols and coat of arms have a lot of meaning. But trying to understand a coat of arms without actually looking at the symbols is hard. For example, if you are interested in the meanings of the various heraldry symbols, the heraldry symbols slideshow shows popular symbols and describes the traditionally accepted meanings. The images in slideshows can also help to further explain the concepts explained in the slideshows such as showing the countryside highlights when learning about the country origins of various surnames.

Visualize History

A slideshow can also make it easier to visualize or understand history. Some concepts can be difficult to understand. We can read about the reasons that things were done, or that people moved from one geographic area to another; but we can still find it difficult to really comprehend what was involved in the lives of our ancestors. A series of images can bring a concept alive by combining photographs with helpful tips on conducting genealogical searches.

Knowing How to Start

Recording your history can be a difficult task. Visual images can guide you through were to start in an easy to follow manner. You can get information on pedigree charts, how to talk to family, where to start your research and more. For example, starting with your elder family members is one of the richest places for genealogy information. They have a trove of history, knowledge and even images for you to dig through. You can then fill in the blanks through searching family and public records. Did you know that cemeteries can also provide a wealth of information about your family tree? Learn all the tips and tricks for getting started.

Digging Into Your Past

Whether you are a budding genealogist or just looking into your family, getting tips on how to get started and what symbols mean can give you a solid starting point. Doing it through images can also give you a little visual simulation and make information a bit easier to digest.

Genealogy Photos