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Whether you are a novice or seasoned in genealogy, slideshows can make it easier to understand information, see examples of the information and learn new concepts.

About Genealogy Slideshows

Sometimes it is easier to understand a concept if you can see an image. Genealogy slideshows are included here on LoveToKnow Genealogy to combine helpful information with descriptive images. For example, if you are interested in the meanings of the various heraldry symbols, the heraldry symbols slideshow shows popular symbols and describes the traditionally-accepted meanings. The images in slideshows can also help to further explain the concepts explained in the slideshows such as showing the countryside highlights when learning about the country origins of various surnames.

Visualize History

A slideshow can also make it easier to visualize or understand history. Some concepts can be difficult to understand. We can read about the reasons that things were done, or that people moved from one geographic area to another; but we can still find it difficult to really comprehend what was involved in the lives of our ancestors.

A series of images can bring a concept alive such as the meanings of surnames. Combining photographs with helpful tips on conducting genealogical searches can make it easier to fully gather the information.

Bring Ideas to Life

A slideshow can be a helpful educational tool. Small snippets of information, combined with interesting photo images, can bring valuable information to life. Slideshows like Old Newspapers Online are fun to watch and provide an easy way to learn new research techniques.

Genealogy Slideshows