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Public Records

Article Highlight: Free Birth Records

Birth records offer lots of valuable information to genealogists, and in many cases, you can find them for free. Knowing where to look can save you money and help you fill in some blanks in your family tree. Keep reading »

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Volumes of marriage records

Public records can be an excellent source for genealogical research. The articles you'll find here can show you where to look for the information you need and how to tie together what you locate to form a more complete picture of your family history.

Finding Valuable Records

There are so many different types of public records that you may need to consider, and the information they reveal can be invaluable. A few of the many sources you may want to consider include:

Resource You Can Count On

The writers and editors here at LoveToKnow Genealogy know first-hand which public records will probably be the most helpful in your genealogical research project, and they will know the best way to get a copy of the records. They willingly share their knowledge on public records and geneaology research, along with tips on how to make sure the information does relate to your ancestor and his history. From ideas on locating birth records to records about indentured servants, you can find what you're looking for here. When you're looking for a trusted resource to help you find the valuable information you need, there's no better online destination.

Public Records