Family Tree Clipart

Use this free family tree clipart!

Clipart makes a great addition to any family tree or genealogy project, adding an extra element of visual interest to your family history research. Genealogy clip art is also great for scrapbooking, since family is a common theme for many scrapbookers. No matter how you use them, you'll enjoy these free clipart images from LoveToKnow.

Ideas on How to Use Clipart Images

You can use family tree clipart in a number of ways to enhance your family tree project. Whether you're creating a scrapbook with your old family photos or making a poster of your family history to hang up at your next reunion, there are lots of options.

If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

On Your Family Tree Chart

flag clipart
Use this free genealogy flag clipart!

If you're looking at your family tree chart and want to spruce it up, clipart is a great addition. There are several reasons to consider this:

  • Clipart images are small enough that you can place them next to names or information about one of your ancestors. For example, if your great-grandmother is from Poland, you can use a clipart image of the Poland flag next to her name.
  • Decorating your lineage information can make it attractive enough to frame and place on your wall for you and others to admire.
  • Use the images to make your family tree fun to look at and give it as a gift.
  • Clipart is great for making your family tree fun for children. Pictures can dramatically enhance a child's enjoyment of family history.

In Your Family Tree Scrapbook

family tree clipart
Use this free family clipart!
family genealogy clip art
Use this family tree clipart!

Scrapbooks sometimes need a little extra visual impact, especially if they feature lots of newspaper clippings, documents, and old sepia-toned photos. There are lots of ways clipart can make your family tree scrapbook "pop":

  • You can place the images next to photos, journal entries, stories, information, or as a focal point.
  • You can use an image of a married couple in the middle of the page and then place vintage photos of your ancestors at their weddings.
  • If you don't have photos to use in your scrapbook, you can use graphics instead.
  • Clipart can add much-needed color to drab scrapbook layouts.

In Your Research Files

gravestone clipart
Use this free gravestone clipart!

There's no reason your research needs to be in plain old black and white. Adding clipart can be both attractive and useful in the following ways:

  • Adding a clipart image at the top of each page in your research can give you an easy visual filing system. For instance, you can use a house image for census records or a wedding image for marriage certificates.
  • You can add gravestone images in shapes that match the headstones you've found in your research. This can help you locate the proper headstone later.
  • Adding clipart can simply make your work more visually enjoyable, which is always important for sharing it with others.

More Free Clipart Websites

The following are some websites where you can find free clipart images to use:

Pride in Your Family Tree

Adding the perfect graphics to your family tree will show how much pride you have in your ancestors and your genealogy project. The embellishments you use will capture people's attention enough for them to want to look at the information you've collected, allowing you to share you hobby with the people you care about.

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