Family Tree of Greek Gods and Goddesses

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If you're studying mythology or simply want to make sense of the complicated relationships of the Greek gods and goddesses, a family tree is one of the best resources. Many of the deities are related in more than one way. Often a husband and wife pair are also brother and sister, as is the case with Zeus and Hera. Seeing a visual diagram of how the deities are related will make it easier to understand and enjoy this fascinating subject.

Interactive Family Tree of the Greek Gods and Goddesses

This interactive tree focuses on the main members of the Greek pantheon, including the 12 Olympian gods and goddesses.

Download the printable version of the Greek Gods and Goddesses family tree.

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More Resources to Help

If you're interested in doing more research about the Greek gods and goddesses, consider one of these resources. Each offers family trees and additional information about the deities.


In addition to this tree, LoveToKnow offers Zeus' family tree, which details the many children and consorts of the king of the gods. You'll also enjoy the free interactive family tree of Aphrodite and Eros' family tree, both of which provide detailed information about these deities and their family connections.

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece has another clear example of the Greek god family tree. This version is simpler than the one available on Wikipedia, but it provides a very clear look at how the principal deities are related to one another. is a great place to look for a variety of Greek mythology family trees. You'll find the genealogy of everyone from the wood nymphs to the Titans.

Timeless Myths

Timeless Myths is another source for a diagram of the family relationships of the Greek gods and goddesses. You can learn more about each deity by click on his or her name.

Clear Up the Complexity

As you study Greek mythology, keep a family tree chart nearby. You can reference it regularly as you read, and it will help clarify some of the complicated and conflict-fraught relationships that make Greek mythology so fascinating and fun.

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Family Tree of Greek Gods and Goddesses