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Mayflower the ship

The Mayflower passenger list is interesting to study. It is amazing that 102 determined pilgrims left all they had to come to America to begin a new life of freedom.

The Mayflower

In the early 1600s, the Mayflower ship carried cargo all over Europe. The earliest record of a Mayflower voyage shows that in 1609, the ship took a cargo load of hats, salt, hemp, vinegar, and wine from England to Norway. On September 6, 1620, after several failed attempts, the Mayflower set out for America on its historic voyage with 102 passengers and approximately 30 crewmembers. During the voyage, one passenger died, and one baby was born. The Mayflower arrived in Cape Cod Bay around November 9th and put down anchor. The passengers stayed aboard ship until the oceans calmed. The crew sent out small groups of expeditions to see what the Cape could offer until mid-December when the pilgrims were beginning to feel restless on the ship and were running out of supplies. They decided to set anchor at the place we now know as Plymouth Rock and go ashore. The new settlers began building houses and other necessary structures but kept living on the Mayflower for several more months until the houses were finished. On April 5th, the Mayflower and crew headed back to England, leaving the passengers behind.

Life on the Ship and on Land

The Mayflower passengers list must have included very hearty and determined people, as their life aboard ship was extremely difficult. All the passengers lived below deck in one large cargo area. The ship leaked, and the area was always cold, dark, smelly, and damp. The weather was bad during mid-voyage and most of them suffered severe seasickness. During the first winter season of 1620 to 1621, approximately 45 of the 102 Mayflower pilgrims died due to disease and lack of shelter.

Mayflower Passenger List

The passengers on the Mayflower included single men, married couples, and families with children. A large portion of the passengers left England for religious freedom. These passengers, more commonly known as "pilgrims," were part of the religious congregation of Leiden, Holland and were non-conformists. Three of them were pregnant women. The following Mayflower Passenger list is separated into family groups, religious groups, and whether or not the passengers were aboard as servants or hired to plant crops in the new land by London merchants. There were also a few men who stayed on in the new land who were hired as seaman or other workers. The servants could have been maids or butlers or indentured servants receiving a free passage as an apprentice to learn the trade of his master and then receive freedom after a certain amount of years in his service.

Congregation of Leiden Religious Group/Pilgrims

  • Allerton, Issac
    • Allerton, Mary (wife)
    • Allerton, Bartholomew (son)
    • Allerton, Remember (daughter)
    • Allerton, Mary (daughter and noted for being the last survivor of the Mayflower voyage)
  • Bradford, William
    • Bradford, Dorothy May (wife)
  • Brewster, William
    • Brewster, Mary (wife)
    • Brewster, Truelove/Love (son)
    • Brewster, Wrestling (son)
  • Carver, John (Governor)
    • Carver, Leggett White (wife)
  • Chilton, James
    • Chilton, Susanna (wife)
    • Chilton, Mary (daughter)
  • Cooke, Frances
    • Cooke, John (son)
  • Crackstone, John
    • Crackstone, John (son)
  • Crutcher, Louise (female)
    • Crutcher, Jack (son)
  • Fletcher, Moses
  • Fuller, Edward
    • Fuller, Mrs. (wife)
    • Fuller, Samuel (son)
  • Goodman, John
  • Minter, Desire (female)
  • Priest, Degory
  • Rogers, Thomas
    • Rogers, Joseph (son)
  • Tilley, John
    • Tilley, Joan Hurst Rogers (wife)
    • Tilley, Elizabeth (daughter)
  • Tilley, Edward
    • Tilley, Ann Cooper (wife)
    • Samson, Henry (child who came on the voyage with the Tilleys)
    • Cooper, Humility (an orphaned infant girl who was making the voyage with her aunt Ann Cooper Tilley, wife of Edward Tilley)
  • Tinker, Thomas
    • Tinker, Mrs. (wife)
    • Tinker, boy (son)
  • Turner, John
    • Turner, boy (older son)
    • Turner, boy (younger son)
  • White, William
    • White, Susanna (wife)
    • White, Resolved (son)
    • White, Peregrine (son born in the Cape Cod Harbor)
  • Williams, Thomas
  • Winslow, Edward
    • Winslow, Elisabeth Barker (wife)

Passengers Hired by England Merchants to Plant Crops

  • Billington, John
    • Billington, Eleanor (wife)
    • Billington, John (son)
    • Billington, Francis (son)
  • Britteridge, Richard
  • Browne, Peter
  • Clarke, Richard
  • Eaton, Francis
    • Eaton, Sarah (wife)
    • Eaton, Samuel (son)
  • Gariner, Richard
  • Hopkins, Stephen
    • Hopkins, Elisabeth Fisher (wife)
    • Hopkins, Giles (son)
    • Hopkins, Constance (daughter)
    • Hopkins, Damaris (daughter)
    • Hopkins, Oceanus (son born on the voyage)
  • Margesson, Edmund
  • Martin, Christopher
    • Martin, Mary Prower (wife)
  • Mullins, William
    • Mullins, Alice (wife)
    • Mullins, Priscilla (daughter)
    • Mullins, Joseph (son)
  • Prower, Solomon
  • Rigsdale, John
    • Rigsdale, Alice
  • Standish, Myles
    • Standish, Rose (wife)
  • Warren, Richard
  • Winslow, Gilbert

Men Hired to Help Build Colony for One Year

  • Alden, John
  • Allerton, John
  • English, Thomas

Servants and Indentured Servants

  • Butten, William (servant of Samuel Fuller)
  • Carter, Robert (apprentice to William Mullins, shoemaker)
  • Unknown, Dorothy (maidservant of John Carver)
  • Doty, Edward (indentured servant to Stephen Hopkins and first person to be put in the stocks in the colony after not returning a neighbors pig)
  • Holbeck, William (servant to William White)
  • Hooke, John (apprentice to Isaac Allerton
  • Howland, John (manservant for Governor John Carver)
  • Lancemore, John (servant to Christopher Martin)
  • Latham, William (apprentice to John Carver)
  • Leister, Edward (servant to Stephen Hopkins)
  • Moore, Ellen (age 8, indentured to Edward Winslow)
  • Moore, Jasper (age 7, indentured to John Carver)
  • Moore, Richard (age 6, indentured to William Brewster)
  • Moore, Mary (age 4, indentured to William Brewster)
  • Soule, George (servant or employee of Edward Winslow)
  • Story, Elias (in the care of Edward Winslow)
  • Thompson, Edward (in the care of William White)
  • Wilder, Roger (servant of John Carver)

Descendants of the Mayflower Passengers

Many of the Mayflower passengers were married to other Mayflower passengers, so if you are a descendant of one, you may also be a descendant of another on the Mayflower passengers list. There were many fathers and sons on the Mayflower as well, so you may be a descendant of both the father and the son.

Learn More About the Mayflower and Its Passengers

Following are some websites and organizations that are dedicated to learning more about the Mayflower and its precious cargo: the first pilgrims to America.

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