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Tony Blair's family tree is significant because his lineage unites England, Scotland, and Ireland. Researching the former British Prime Minister's family tree can be an interesting pastime, whether you want to learn more about this notable politician or you think you may be related.

About Tony Blair

Anthony Charles Lynton "Tony" Blair was born on May 6th, 1953 in Edinburgh, Scotland. His family moved around when he was young, even living in Australia for several years and then settling in Durham, England for the rest of his childhood. He attended Fettes College in Edinburgh Scotland, after which he moved to London, England and began attending St John's College, at Oxford. Tony Blair had musical ability and played guitar during college. At Oxford he became friends with a fellow student who set him on the path of interest in religion and left-wing politics. He graduated with a Bachelor's in Jurisprudence and enrolled as a pupil barrister and member of Lincoln's Inn. He represented several cases that were notably Labour party related, met his future wife Cherie Booth, and continued on his path of Labour politics. Later he became leader of the Labour Party and then ran and won the position of Prime Minster in May 1997. He retired from this position in 2007.

Tony Blair's Family Tree

Tony Blair was born and raised by his natural parents. His father was adopted and therefore both his natural grandparents and his adopted grandparents influence Tony Blair's family tree.

Tony Blair and his wife, Cherie Booth, had the following children:

  • Euan Blair
  • Nicholas Blair
  • Kathryn Blair
  • Leo Blair

Tony Blair's Father and Mother

Tony Blair was born to Leo Charles Lynton Blair (b. 1923) and Hazel Corscadden (1923-1975). Leo Blair, a well-known barrister and lecturer, campaigned for the parliament but suffered a stroke prior to the election and had to pull out of the race. Tony Blair went into politics in honor of his father, Leo.

  • Leo Charles Lynton Blair, (born as Parsons, adopted by Blair) was born 4 August, 1923 in Yorkshire and married 29 November, 1948 in Glasgow. Leo Charles Lynton Blair was adopted and raised by James Blair, a shipyard worker, and his wife, Mary Blair.
  • Hazel Elizabeth Rosaleen Corscaden was born 12 June, 1923 in Ballyshannon and died 28 June, 1975 in Durham.

Tony Blair's Grandparents

The names of Tony Blair's natural paternal grandparents were Charles Parsons and Celia Mary Ridgway. It is known that both were traveling actors and dancers of English decent. Tony Blair may have received his musical interest and ability from his natural grandparents.

  • Charles Parsons, also known as Jimmy Lynton, of Middlesex was born 16 July, 1887 in Surrey and died 19 January, 1970 in Ealing.
  • Mary Augusta Ridgway Bridson, also known as Celia Ridgway, was born 26 August, 1886 in Gloucestershire and died 9 December, 1969 in Middlesex.
  • George Corscaden of Glasgow was a butcher and was born in 1877. He died 21 January, 1924 in Glasgow.
  • Sarah Margaret Lipsett was born 17 September, 1895 and died 1 October, 1978 in Lanarkshire.

Tony Blair's Great Grandparents

Great grandparents of Tony Blair are as follows:

  • Tom Parsons of Stockwell, a clerk, who was born in Paddington in 1853
  • Mary Ann Wright, who was born in Westminster in 1852
  • Augustus William Bridson, of Worcestershire, an army officer, who was born 12 November, 1849 in Lancashire and died 7 January, 1933 in Kent
  • Maria Emily Montford, who was born 7 August, 1864 on the Isle of Man and died 25 July, 1944 in Devon
  • Thomas Corscaden, a farmer, who died before 1924
  • Martha Johnstone, who died before 1924
  • James Lipsett, a grocer, who was married 26 May, 1892 in Donegal
  • Mary Patterson

Tony Blair's Great, Great Grandparents

Great, great grandparents of Tony Blair are as follows:

  • William Wright Lambeth, a lawyer, who was born about 1818 in Windsor
  • Sophia, who was born about 1823 in Kent and died 6 January, 1893 in London
  • Thomas Ridgway Bridson
  • Mary Smith, who died 20 April, 1856
  • Henry Montford Douglas, a physician, who was born about 1816 in Ireland, married 19 October, 1863 in Glasgow, and died 8 February, 1882 on the Isle of Man
  • Margaret Charlotte Flint, who was born 16 August, 1841 in Gloucestershire and died 9 September, 1891 in Worcestershire
  • Robert Lipsett, a merchant
  • William Patterson, a farmer

Genealogical Research

Filling out a family tree and family group sheet with Tony Blair's genealogy makes it easier to understand. Following are some websites that have free family tree software and forms so you can start your own genealogical research or find out more about Tony Blair:

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Tony Blair Family Tree